The Droge All News Compendium


June 25, 2015

I’ve slacked off on getting my Quarterly Reports done. I wanted to at least throw a quick post up here to let you know that I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Here is some of what’s happening.

I produced and mixed a full-length record for Moody Little Sister. We master in early July. Stay tuned for release details etc.

I am just beginning a new recording project with a long-time collaborator and friend. More on that as it develops.

Chris Ballew and I have collaborated on ambient music together. Check it out HERE. Our tracks are a ways down the page, but I suggest you check all his tracks out—they’re super cool.

I am writing new music and chipping away at existing tracks with an eye on releasing a sizable batch of work under the banner of Organic Shade-Grown Music—OSGM for short. I’ll have more details as the project takes shape. I expect to launch in 2016.

You can’t win ‘em all: I came close to landing the Main Title Theme for a Netflix show a little while ago. I had a blast demoing for it. Elaine Summers, Jay Bellerose and I ended up with a healthy batch of tracks that I expect will see the light of day as part of the aforementioned OSGM project. Also, I applied and was not accepted for Sundance Institute’s Composers Lab. The application process was a great excuse to shape up new works. Again, some of these are sure to find their way into the OSGM hopper.

Jaime Wyatt’s record is out. She recorded a song I co-wrote called “T-Shirt Song.” I also played some spacey guitars on the title track, “From Outer Space.”

There is more. I’ll try and catch up with a more thorough report later.



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