The Droge All News Compendium

Blair Witch Toyota Pearl Jam Solo Project

January 14, 2008

TOYOTA licenses Droge track, working on Stone Gossard album & more

? Degrees of George Clooney

December 30, 2007

Two Qwest tv spots, finishing an old song, new speakers & more

Quite ready for prime-time

November 15, 2007

ABC's Men In Trees, Shriners spot airing, Ashbrook, Virant & more

If it makes you happy, form a band

October 30, 2007

Hit machine Jeff Trott visits Puzzle Tree Studio and a band is born

All you need is "love" in your title

August 31, 2007

Feast in theaters, Partners on small screen, Ian Moore in stores & more

Who's in your five?

July 31, 2007

Two T-Mobile spots on the air, a soundtrack album on shelves & more

The new phone books are here

June 30, 2007

And it's a flashlight too! It's the iPhone!

Poor man's Charlie, Keith and Bill

April 29, 2007

Yerkins album is mixed, dusting off Walkie Talkie & x-mas is Spring

Plug it in, plug it in

February 28, 2007

Gary Yerkins record nears the finish line with the voice of Glade

Watching "White Balloons" on the tube

February 12, 2007

A Droge, Summers & Ashbrook co-write on the TV tonight, twice

Trident Series 80 5.1 Surround Console

January 17, 2007

Six songs in one movie & the new console is up and running

Big birds flying across the sky

December 2, 2006

I'm on Neil Young's Bridge Collection, my last gig ever, some sessions with Stroup & Moore and a big announcement about Puzzle Tree Studio

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